Winter 2019

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From the Director

From the Director

What I love about being a part of the Emory community is the constant challenge to reach—to be better, more inclusive, more collaborative, more compassionate, and to strive for new approaches to complex issues. This focus on improvement and innovation is at the heart of what we do at IDN, with an eye toward creating impact in the lives of our students, community, and the world. This issue includes great examples of our engagement for impact and the ways that our work aligns with the university’s strategic goals... >>

New initiatives: Amplifying voices to change the world

Engaged for Impact: IDN Highlight Events 2017-2018

Through the Publishing and Presentation Fund and the Thought Leader Fellowship, IDN connects the scholarship of Emory faculty to new audiences... >>

IDN Visiting Scholar: Protecting vulnerable children locally and globally

3rd Annual 21 Days of Peace: Enriching Student Experience

In September 2018, IDN—in partnership with Emory Campus Life, The Carter Center Human Rights Program, and the United States Institute of Peace—hosted Emory 21 Days of Peace with the goal of educating, inspiring, and empowering students with tangible skills to work for peace in their local and global communities... >>

Where are they now? - Grant Buckles

Where Are They Now? Meet Chelsea Edwards

In fall 2008, IDN awarded Chelsea Edwards funding for a research project to address women’s access to government. Edwards is an attorney representing women who work in the restaurant industry on matters including sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, and labor trafficking... >>

Workshop: Measuring Violence Against Women in Elections

Notes from ELMO in the Field

Reports from ELMO graduate fellows working in the field: Abigail Heller, Travis Curtice, and Jian Xu... >>

Partners in Practice

Partners in Practice

John Goodman, Associate Director of the Conflict Resulotion Program at The Carter Center and Roger-Claude Liwanga talk with IDN... >>

Growth Opportunities

Journeys of Reconciliation: Just Back from South Africa

Emory undergraduates Bobbye Hampton and Mariah Doze just had the chance to live out a lifelong dream of traveling to South Africa thanks to the Journeys of Reconciliation Program and the support of IDN...  >>

Growth Opportunities

IDN Funding Opportunities

The Institute for Developing Nations supports academic excellence and scholarship through a number of funding opportunities for students, staff, and faculty...  >>

>Congratulations to Our Graduate Assistants

IDN Graduate Assistants and Staff Updates

In cultivating a compelling student experience and community that promotes a thriving campus, we welcome our new IDN Graduate Assistants... >>


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