Summer 2013

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Carter Democracy

President Carter on “The Expansion of Democracy”
—Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Many in the audience were taken aback when President Carter reported that, according to a recent report put out by The Economist, only 11 percent of the world’s population lives in democracies. Only 15 percent of countries enjoy full democracy...  >>

Ambassador Page

South Sudan’s Future—Opportunities and Obstacles

As the world’s youngest country, South Sudan continues to grapple with all that comes with independence and transition. Many claim that the transformation of the country’s capital, Juba, since independence has been remarkable. Yet hope and...  >>

new york times

Eradicating Poverty—Is It Crazy to Think We Can?

For some economists and development experts, the notion of eradicating poverty isn’t far-fetched. For others, it’s a goal with no substance. In April, an article by Annie Lowrey in the New York Times Magazine explored different perspectives on... >>

Graduate Student Funding

Graduate and Professional Students Gain Experience with
The Carter Center

Opportunities for experiential learning are especially valuable for graduate and professional students interested in development. As part of IDN’s commitment to integrate development scholarship and practice, we work with our partners... >>


IDN Visiting Scholar Philip Haspeslagh

This summer, IDN is hosting Belgian native Philip Haspeslagh as a visiting scholar. Earlier this year, Haspeslagh worked as an intern in The Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program, where he focused on their Peacebuilding Dialogues initiative. His summer project involves... >>