Spring 2018

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From the Director

From the Director

New growth surrounds us – in the Japanese Magnolia buds, in the promise of Emory’s graduating seniors, and even in my five-year-old son’s emerging swimming skills. With growth comes change, possibility, and opportunity. DN has been growing in a number of key ways. We are excited to share the details of some of our new programs, which are designed to share the brilliance of the Emory campus with the larger world. We have a new IDN resident with us on staff... >>

New initiatives: Amplifying voices to change the world

New Initiatives: Amplifying Voices to Change the World

Always evolving, IDN is excited to announce two new programs designed to share the outstanding work being created at Emory and The Carter Center with a larger community. The IDN Publishing and Presentation Fund will foster the dissemination of work with... >>

IDN Visiting Scholar: Protecting vulnerable children locally and globally

IDN Visiting Scholar: Protecting Vulnerable Children Locally and Globally

It was a hot, sunny day in February 2013 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when Roger-Claude Liwanga returned to his home country for a research project that involved interviewing artisanal mine workers in the province of Katanga... >>

Where are they now? - Grant Buckles

Where Are They Now? - Grant Buckles

This 2017 Emory graduate with a PhD in political science is currently a consulting associate at Gallup. We asked Grant to tell us about his current work and to share how serving as the ELMO Initiative Graduate Fellow in 2015–2016 influenced his career... >>

Workshop: Measuring Violence Against Women in Elections

Workshop: Measuring Violence Against Women in Elections

Violence against women in politics and, more specifically, violence against women in elections (VAWE) has emerged as a serious obstacle to women’s rights and fully functioning democracy. In January 2016, Jo Cox... >>

Partners in Practice

Partners in Practice

Eve H. Byrd - Director, Mental Health Program, The Carter Center talks with IDN... >>

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

“Discrimination against women damages communities, organizations, companies, economies and societies. That is why all men should support women’s rights and gender equality...”  >>

>Congratulations to Our Graduate Assistants

Congratulations to our Research Assistants

We are so proud of our IDN research assistants who are about to don their caps and gowns and take all they have learned here at Emory to create impact in their fields here and abroad... >>


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