Fall 2014

IDN News

Director’s Note

Sita Ranchod-Nilsson

With each issue of IDN News, our goal is to share stories about how Emory University and The Carter Center are working together to address peace and health challenges in some of the poorest regions in the world.

In this issue, you will read about efforts to address sexual violence associated with the conflict in Syria, how journalists and public scholars writing about human rights and mental health share common ground in today’s information landscape, and the ways that access to information is improving the lives of Liberian women. You also will learn about the efforts of GROW!, a global research network based at Emory that is focused on women’s empowerment.

Taken together, these stories underscore not only the importance of research but also the value of reaching beyond disciplinary and professional boundaries to share information and work together for positive transformation. These pages shall remain open to similarly courageous scholars and practitioners who follow problems where they lead.  

All the best,

Sita Ranchod-Nilsson
Director, Institute for Developing Nations,
Emory University

Emory’s Ties to the Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Access to Information Improves Lives for Liberia’s Women

In 2012, two years after Liberia’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Act was signed into law, Beatrice Kamara sat in the Lofa County superintendent’s office. This was not her first visit. Kamara, the Lofa County FOI Network...  >>

Prospects for Peace in Sudan and South Sudan: The Tamazuj Narratives Project

Inside the Syrian War: Refugees and Sexual Violence

The global campaigns to treat sexual violence during conflict as war crimes have made notable strides during the past decade. Yet sexual violence in conflict continues on a horrific scale. This is true in Syria...  >>

Can Graduate Education Solve Global Problems?

GROW! and the Increasing Focus on Gender and Women in Research

Recently, research on women has blossomed, thanks in part to a greater interest by academia. This research also has been helped by ongoing international efforts focused on women and girls, such as the Malala...  >>

Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict Areas: The Emerging Global Focus

Walking the Line: The Role of Public Scholars and Journalists in the Information Age

The proliferation of new media—including online publications, blogs, op-eds, and social media—has changed the information landscape for journalists and public scholars, the latter being those who share their research beyond academia...  >>

Emory and The Carter Center: A Continuing Commitment to Mental Health in Liberia

Experiential Learning: Elena Derkits Researches Mental Health in Liberia

This past summer, Emory University MD/MPH student Elena Derkits had the opportunity to conduct research as part of The Carter Center’s Mental Health-Liberia Program. Derkits, whose academic and professional interests include the expansion of...  >>