Fall 2012

IDN News

Emmanuel Jal: Promoting Education through Power and Peace

Internationally renowned hip-hop artist and peace activist, Emmanuel Jal, is all too familiar with the meaning of the words power and peace. Despite his young age of 32, Jal already has led an extraordinary life—one filled with terror and sorrow, but also rich in spirit...  >>

Graduate Student Funding

Graduate and Professional Students Research Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Liberia

Understanding sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) requires collaboration across a range of academic fields as well as different sectors such as justice, security, health, and economic development. This is certainly true in post-conflict Liberia, where... >>


Visiting Practitioner - Gokarna K.C.

When Gokarna K.C. arrived at Emory in August, he had traveled more than 8,000 miles and assumed that what he would experience in Atlanta would be a world away from his home in Kathmandu. K.C. is a lawyer with Maiti Nepal, one of the leading non-governmental organizations fighting the trafficking of women and girls... >>


Prospects for Peace in the Two Sudans: Perspectives from Juba and Khartoum

Eighteen months ago, South Sudan became an independent state in what many hoped would be the end to the 20-year civil war—a war in which an estimated two million people died. But earlier this year conflict between Sudan and South Sudan escalated...  >>

Elections Workshop

Workshop on Elections and Political Order

Elections are synonymous with democratic governance, but not all elections meet international standards for credibility. In fragile democracies in post-conflict societies or those transitioning from authoritarian rule, elections play a particularly important role. According to Emory political scientist, Jennifer Gandhi, “Elections... >>

Baizhi Liao

A Conversation with Baizhi Liao: IDN’s Visiting Scholar

In the US, China’s growing role in Africa is the subject of increased international attention and in some cases, concern. IDN is a collaborating partner with The Carter Center’s China-Africa Initiative. Launched in 2011, the initiative convenes a multi-regional policy advisory group that builds trust and understanding between China and Africa and explores...  >>